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PuppyMonkeyBaby Is Weird and Awesome and Now It’s in My House

This entire project was dumb. The Mountain Dew commercial that aired during the Super Bowl, featuring the bizarre #Puppymonkeybaby was dumb. Me deciding that my pug needed a puppymonkeybaby costume was dumb. It was also, possibly, one of my favorite projects so far. It is just so silly and pointless, I laughed the entire time I made it.

There’s the commercial that started it all. I don’t watch the Super Bowl, so I missed it. Our executive editor Mike Senese messaged me and pointed it out, knowing that it was a perfect fit. He was so right. This project took about 30 minutes total to make.

I bought a stuffed teddy bear since no monkeys were available. I also picked up a baby doll and some velcro. I figured I could fashion a kind of collar out of the torso of the teddy bear and attach the baby legs. For once, everything went pretty much exactly as I had planned! I cut the teddy bear apart, leaving the stuffing in the arms. I then cut the baby doll in half, and hot glued the lower half to the teddy bear torso. A diaper really brings it all together.


The little velcro bits were then hot glued in place so that I could put it on and take it off of my wonderful model named Frank. Unfortunately, the fuzzy nature of the costume was particularly enticing to Frank, so there was a bit of a struggle to keep him from attacking it. However, he did manage to calm himself a bit and pose for a couple shots.





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