In the last week, I have taken a new leadership role for Maker Media as CEO. I am excited again to have the opportunity to lead the company I founded. I’m extremely proud of what we do at Maker Media and believe that we have helped to catalyze a global Maker Movement.

The mission of Maker Media is to serve the maker community and expand it to include everybody. As I have said, we are all makers and we hope to inspire everybody to participate in the Maker Movement. Last year, we had over 150 Maker Faires around the world and we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the first Maker Faire Bay Area. We are about to publish Volume 50 of Make: magazine, which has been publishing tech DIY projects in print and here online since 2005. We publish books from maker-authors such as Charles Platt, Kathy Ceceri, and Massimo Banzi. I was particularly proud to publish Windell Oskay’s “Annotated Build It Yourself Science Laboratory.”

I’ve had more than a few people say that I am lucky to have the best job in the world. I get to meet enthusiastic makers, young and old. I get to talk with passionate educators who want to introduce more children to the practices of making as well as parents who recognize that making can be fun for the whole family. I try to stay in touch with maker professionals who are creating products and starting businesses. I also get to see for myself how a wide range of communities are creating makerspaces and organizing Maker Faires. Indeed, I am lucky to experience the wonder, creativity, and inventiveness shared by makers around the world.

The maker community continues to change and grow, and so does Maker Media. Sometimes it comes with growing pains and rough patches. We have experienced them recently. I am devoted to building a company that remains focused on its mission and dedicated to makers of all ages and all backgrounds. There is so much that we can do together.

I look forward to seeing many of you at Maker Faires this year. Feel free to write to me via email if you want to share your story as a Maker with me or if you have ideas about what we are doing at Maker Media.