The 3rd Annual Las Vegas Mini Maker Faire was fun. Amazing fun! We had a new venue to explore, so it had the same excitement surrounding it as our first Faire.

We had a solid turnout of Makers who shared their projects, products, inventions, art, and ideas. There were a lot of exhibits and activities covering diverse interests. Our Kid’s Area focused on STEAM education tools and included space for interactive play in either the Deconstruction Zone or the Cardboard Construction Area. Visitors could play with a field of glowing delta robots or learn the latest information about drones and robots. Lightning sprung up from a Tesla coil and drummers thundered away at homemade taiko drums.


We admired the creative art cars, educated kids and parents about local STEAM programs, played with hardware hacking projects, showcased local businesses, and had a blast doing it.

Thank you to all of the Makers, sponsors, and volunteers who made this event possible!

 Robin Pence, Adelson Educational Campus: “Kids taking things apart — Photo by Julian Kilker”

Kids taking things apart with Robin Pence of the Adelson Educational Campus. Photo by Julian Kilker

 Kee Choi: “Kee Choi shows off his camera setups and editing equipment — Photo by Julian Kilker"

Kee Choi shows off his camera setups and editing equipment. Photo by Julian Kilker

 Seth Welday: “The drone net and obstacle course — Photo by Julian Kilker"

The drone net and obstacle course. Photo by Julian Kilker

Markus Houy: “Markus Houy and his ‘Cinemascope’ camera rig — Photo by Julian Kilker"

Markus Houy and his ‘Cinemascope’ camera rig. Photo by Julian Kilker

 Vanessa Wilbur, et al: “Kaminari Taiko practicing with their drums — Photo by Julian Kilker"

Kaminari Taiko practicing with their drums. Photo by Julian Kilker

Damien Metz: “R2 meets a young Jedi — Photo by Kee Choi"

This R2 droid meets a young Jedi. Photo by Kee Choi

 Sarah Petkus & Mark Koch: “The Robot Army in motion — Photo by Julian Kilker"

The Robot Army in motion. Photo by Julian Kilker

 Robert Henze: “Sebastian glowing at night — Photo by Julian Kilker"

Sebastian glowing at night. Photo by Julian Kilker


VEX Team 6891 Jackpot showing off their competition robot. Photo by Julian Kilker