It turns out that Star Wars origami is a thing and there are quite a number of video tutorials on YouTube for folding up X-wings, TIE fighters, Star Destroyers, even origami Yoda and Darth Vader. In this video from YouTuber Joe_Tutorials, he shows you how to fold up an amazingly detailed (and difficult-looking) X-wing Starfighter. You can also follow the project, step-by-step, on Joe’s Instructable page for it.

This does not look like a project for the feint of heart, but in the video, Joe carefully walks you through the build. When I dabbled in origami as a teen, I often got extremely frustrated by the often minimal folding instructions and illustrations (often with text in Japanese) that were available at the time. I bet the advent of YouTube and video tutorials have made it much easier for people to get into the art of paper folding with far less frustration.


For this project, you basically start with a common bird base fold. I love the way he goes on to fold the wings of the ship and then how he creates the engine pods. There’s really an impressive amount of detail folded into the project.


As always with an Instructable, it’s great to go through the member comments and see images of other people’s versions of the build. There are some really great ones and a few that speak to just how hard this fold must be to do well. As Joe points out in the video, really sharp creases are essential to getting a satisfying result.


Check out Joe’s YouTube channel for more of his origami how-to videos. And, if you want to try your hand at any of the other ships and characters in the Star Wars universe, do a YouTube search on Star Wars origami.