Start your baby’s sword and sorcery cosplaying career off right with this 3D printed fantasy baby rattler sword. Matthew from Targ’s Workshop created this for his 8 month old son.

The rattle was printed on a Lulzbot Taz 5 FDM machine using PLA and Tglass filaments. The hilt and blade of the sword were made from PLA and the “gem stone” mounted on the pommel was printed with Tglass to give it a gem-like glow.


To create the rattle part of the toy, Matthew printed a series of plastic “peas” that he placed inside of the hollow blade during printing. This way, the peas are completely and safely encased inside of the toy.


Matthew used CA glue to assemble the three parts. He cautions that you should really use this toy with adult supervision. Even though it’s obviously very rounded along all of the edges, it still does look a tad shabby for a baby to be weilding on his or her own.

Baby’s first sword was inspired by another Thingiverse project, dutchmogul’s Baby’s First Mace. Check that out if you want to start in on printing your own crib-side armory.

You can learn more and download the files for the sword rattle from its Thingiverse page.