Nikodem Bartnik recently got a 3D printer. Like many people, he was suddenly faced with the ultimate question “now that I have this, what will I make?” Immediately the idea of a robot popped into his head. Robot animals are alluring, but Nikodem says that his initial thoughts of a dog or spider were just too common. He sat down with Autodesks Fusion 360 software and ended up with this cool robot snake design and knew he just had to build it.


He started with the 3D printed parts, a pile of tiny servos, and a battery. The next step was to create his own PCB for the brains, which has an ATMega328 at its core. After some trial and error and assembly, Nikodem had a wiggling snake that moves a bit like an inch-worm. ┬áHe shares all of his steps, schematics, and code in this Instructable if you’d like to follow along. While you could skip the PCB creation aspect of this, Nikodem says you really should make one. Simply using a breadboard won’t work once the bot starts moving, it will just fall apart!


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