Spring is here (um… at least theoretically). If you’re a cyclist, there’s nothing like early spring weather for some scenic and glorious riding, peddling off a few of those extra winter pounds, and blowing the dust off of a season’s worth of cabin fever. Spring is also a great time to blow the dust off of your ride, to make any needed or desired repairs, and to maybe do some improvement projects.

Here are a few of the useful repair and maintenance resources available on Make::

Build a Bike Repair Stand

bikeRepair_1To work on your bike easily and safely, it’s best if you can raise it off the floor (and not stand it upside down on its seat and bars). You can build a simple bike repair stand from parts you might already have on hand or can get from a hardware or home store.

Make a Simple Bike Tool Roll

2898076439_82fce380a4_oSew up a handy roll for your bike tools from a scrap piece of canvas material.

How to Wrap Bike Handlebars

Learn how to wrap your bullhorn handlebars with bar tape, thanks to this tutorial from Park Tool.

Re-Painting Your Bike Frame

Minolta DSCA master of bike restoration restores the paint job on a vintage CCM-brand bike.

How to Adjust Bike Shifting

In this how-to, mountain biker Chris Nodder explains common problems with bike shifters and how to solve them.

Repairing a Flat

In this how-to, Chris Nodder outlines how to deal with punctures on both tube and tubeless bicycle tires.

Over the years, Make: has published dozens of bike-related projects. You can browse through all of them here.