Jason of JK Brickworks is at it again, this time building the “Large Brick Collider” (LBC), a working Lego “particle accelerator” that uses a Lego soccer ball as its particle. It can accelerate that ball up to 12.5 kilometers per hour (7.5 MPH).

Jason describes he build:

This working particle accelerator uses a simple system of spinning wheels to accelerate a LEGO ball around a ring. Although the propulsion system is different than that of a real particle accelerator, it’s a great way to illustrate the concept. Not to mention, it is fun to play with. Multiple balls can be inserted simultaneously and obstacles can be introduced for the ball(s) to collide with.

The set could be scaled anywhere from the basic accelerator and ring (which combined are only 170 pieces) all the way up to a fully styled installation like the one I have designed. The inclusion of a small control room with a few minifig scientists would also be a nice addition and add to the play value.

Is it just me or is there something tremendously awesome and entertaining about the idea of little nerdy kids scrabbling around on the floor imagining their own particle physics experiments, searching for the…um… Figgs Boson, and yes, of course, imagining everything going horribly wrong, tearing a hole in the fabric of spacetime, and letting through transdimensional warp beasts? Make your playtime scientifically rigorous AND post-apocalyptically imaginative!


In this video, Jason explains more of the background and the build for the Collider. He also answers some questions from fans, including whether the LBC can handle multiple particles. It can, indeed! Jason submitted the project to Lego Ideas, where Lego enthusiasts vote on builds they’d like to see made into official sets, and got the required 10,000 votes. The project is currently at Lego HQ and will enter the review process next month.

He has fully documented the build on his website.