Simone Giertz, the crowned queen of shi… er… crappy robots, is at it again, this time creating a robot for shampooing her hair. Using a mechanism and controller similar to her “Wake Up Machine” alarm clock robot, Simone used an Arduino Uno and two servomotors to build the bot. One servo controls the back and forth motion of the creepy rubber lathering hand and one controls the squeezing of the shampoo bottle.

As usual, things do not quite go according to plan. The bottle squeezing is a great success, with her commenting at the end (after piles of shampoo are deposited on her head) that she’s clean “all through her scalp.” The back and forth whapping motion of the rubber hand isn’t as bad as you’d expect (especially after seeing the Wake Up Machine make a scary tangle of her hair). But in the end, we’re left with a frustrated human and robot that doesn’t really perform as advertised. Welcome to the future.

I’d actually like to see this in action after the mechanism and electronics were waterproofed and she had a stream of water on her head while the bot was in operation. Without water, it’s not really much of a washing robot…

But it sure is funny. I got some of my biggest laughs from this video. But beware, the video contains salty language, sexual references, and rude gestures performed on a defenseless rubber robo-hand.