I built a smart mirror that can be controlled with gestures. It downloads the current newscast every night, and the playback can be started and increased or decreased in size with gestures. I documented the build process in detail, and built my own wooden frame from hardware store parts and a 3D printer. Instead of using a Raspberry Pi, I chose a more powerful computer, as I will do image processing with it in the future (non-invasive health monitoring, time-lapses).

The inspiration was to use the otherwise free cognitive time while brushing my teeth for something useful. I learned how to build a proper frame, and that a real two-way-mirror is far better than a self-made out of plexi and mirror-sheet. It took me the evenings of about one week to build and program it. Everyone knows smart mirrors have been out there for a longer time, so this is merely an improvement of existing builds, but none in particular.