It’s my project for b-day gift for my girlfriend :)

I make this car-parts mirror in just few days.

I hope You enjoy it like I and my girlfriend do :)

The project inculdes:

– car timing belt pulleys
– car intake valve
– satelite from car differential mechanism
– few fence parts (this twisted rod thing and barrel undernith)

Make Q&A:

What was your inspiration?
– I was inspired by Diresta’s videos and my own imagination.

What did you learn from making this project?
– I improve my welding skills.

What challenges did you come across when building it, and how did you fix them?
– Cracking after welding… Slower cooling did the job.

How long did it take?
– Few days spent in my garage.

Is this an iteration or improvement of someone else’s project?
– It’s only from my mind.

Would you change anything if you were to make it again?
– Maybe hinge screws for something better looking.