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Weekend Watch: Everything from LED Skateboards to PVC Dog Showers with Glenn

Glenn and his channel “DIY Creators” caught my attention this week. I opened it up and found myself pulled into a wide variety of projects.

I found this floating shelf to be really cool looking, and Glenn does a great job of showing all the steps without boring me, and I’m pretty easily bored!

Jumping from furniture to something a little different, this skateboard project really stands out. The pressure switch he’s using to turn it on is pretty inventive.

In the heat of the Florida summer, a DIY dog wash might also double as a good way for the dogs, and possibly children, to cool down.


It isn’t all just build projects either. He’s posted quite a few shop tips, like this one on reading measuring tape.

Most of the time I just watch project videos on youtube for amusement. I could see myself actually building this portable work table though. It looks like a pretty solid design.


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