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Lot’s of Maker Faires are happening around the world this weekend. You should check out the events if you’re in Singapore, Honolulu, Kansas City, Lisbon, or Bodensee.

Regulations for commercial drone use have been… well, up in the air, but this week the FAA leaked summaries of the testing and rules, giving us a peek at things to come.

Andrew Mowry shared his tips for CNC fixturing. As a luthier, he often works with small, delicate objects, and large, oddly-shaped ones. Learn how he’s able to do this with his CNC machine.

ValvePrototypeVIsit-52 (Medium)

We visited the Valve virtual reality lab to take a behind-the-scenes look at all the prototypes that lead up to the creation of the HTC Vive. Our favorite: this funky lazy Susan contraption you wear around your neck.

Pearls and lace? Nope, these wedding dresses are made out of toilet paper… and they’re stunning!

This is the finalized unit. It measures only 0.05 square inches.

Here’s a project that won’t take up too much space when it’s finished: an ultra tiny FM transmitter that you can use to discreetly listen in on conversations.