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Watch Maker Faire Nantes Come Alive with Gorgeous Biomimicry

We’ve been talking about Maker Faire Nantes for a while now, and I have to say that it lived up to the hype completely. We’ve already told you about some of the incredible things you should expect to see from the event, which was held at Les Machines in Nantes France.

As you can see in the video above, there were tons of amazing things there. Obviously, the giant creatures from Les Machines stand out, but there was much more to capture your attention as you walk around. It is worth noting that not all of the giant wooden animals and stuff were even made by Les Machines. The ballerina and the praying mantis were both from other artists.

For me, the theme at this maker faire really seemed to be biomimicry. I’m not sure if that was an actual and official theme, but it was certainly the recurring item that I noticed the most. There were the giant biologically inspired beasts of Les Machine, the massive hydraulically powered ballerina, and then even smaller things spread around. The portrait drawing arm mimicked the organic nature of an artists brush and animal influences were seen in many other items at the faire.

DSC01548 (Medium)

I did take a few pictures, but mine pale in comparison to these beautiful images from Herve Photograff on facebook. There are over 200 images to see, click here to go to the gallery or click the image below.

Click this image to see the gallery of over 200 pictures taken by Herve Photograf
Click this image to see the gallery of over 200 pictures taken by Herve Photograf

This truly was a magical event. The amount of care a creativity that went into many of these maker’s items was so inspiring, and in some cases even an emotional experience.



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