Have you ever wondered what it’s like to host a Maker Camp? Allyson Dewar shares her experiences with us; despite her initial reservations, camp was a blast for both her and her clever campers.


Photo courtesy of MIT Media Lab

DuoSkin takes those trendy metallic temporary tattoos and take them to the next obvious place: using that conductive material for simple, on-the-skin electronic interfacing.

Modelmaking? Now put your hands up. Watch a master modeler work her way through a build of Beyoncé at her “Single Lady” finest.


I’m the kind of person who wants to believe organization will solve all my problems, so I’m looking at the pegboard magazine in this round up of tool organization tips.


We’ve certainly covered 3D printed fashion before (including how to 3D print on fabric), but this write-up from Motherboard gives a good overview of some of the designers working on making 3D printed clothing more commonplace.