This cosplay of Clockwerk from DOTA 2 was shared with us shortly after we ran a story about another cosplayer who was using her engineering background to create over the top costumes. Well, this was too good to keep to ourselves. Even if you don’t know the first thing about DOTA 2 (um… like me when I first saw this), it’s not hard to appreciate how cool this is and the level of work involved in putting it together.

Dota Clear

This cosplay was the work of the cosplay crafting team, The Packing Tape, a three-member team consisting of Jeff Miranda, JB Sebastian, and Elj German, based out of the Phillipines. This Clockwerk cosplay features synchronized sound and lighting, levers and buttons that activate effects, and an Immortal Paraflare Cannon that actually moves thanks to a large servo. The rest of the costume is made from a combination of rubber foam and 3D printed parts.

You can see the cosplay in action at the Manila Major Cosplay Competition starting at about the 7:55 mark in the video above. Below are some videos made by the team itself that get up close and personal with some of the interactions.