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Weekend Watch: Music and Mechanical Engineering with Jeremy Cook

Jeremy is a regular contributor to Make:, writing stories about projects other people are making. He doesn’t just write though, he also builds cool things. His YouTube channel has a diverse spread of project videos ranging from complex mechanical structures to DIY instruments.

Many of the projects simply aren’t easily classified, such as this cool laser graffiti system


Then there’s the interesting mix of robotics and mechanical engineering that is known as the Strandmaus. In this playlist you can follow along as Cook builds, tests, and rebuilds this fascinating contraption.

DIY musical instruments always get bonus points in my mind, so I found this playlist pretty fun. Here, Jeremy makes a hank drum from a propane canister and a PVC xylophone style instrument.

Enjoy these videos, and keep these in mind next time you see Jeremy Cook’s name in the byline!



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