Last year, Germany’s capital city of Berlin embraced the first ever Maker Faire Berlin, a vibrant celebration that showcased 120 maker exhibits and drew 7,800 attendees. The organizers, Heinz Heise, the German publishing company who produces a German-language version of Make: magazine, have also been hosting Maker Faire Hannover for the past four years.

The inaugural Maker Faire Berlin was a resounding success and this year’s Faire, taking place at Station Berlin on October 1 and 2, promises to be even more lively. There will be 200 maker exhibits manned by 900 makers, and there’s even a new education day added on Friday, September 30, specifically geared toward offering students a unique preview of the Faire.


Their 2015 video offers a fun glimpse at the variety of projects at the Faire:

And here’s our Make: special highlights video from last year:

7 Stellar Projects in Berlin

You can check out the full list of 200 makers that will be at Maker Faire Berlin, but for now, here are seven stellar projects you can expect to see this weekend.

Dremel Guitar Amp

Wastelanders by Abacus Theatre

Lost Ideas‘ VW Golf 3 Mod


Eon Node‘s Wearable MIDI Controllers

Jonas Boukamp und Felix Peine’s e-Longboard with Trailer (Berufskolleg Rheine)


Moritz Simon Geist’s MR-808 Robotic Drum Machine

Cliff McLane‘s Fotobus Photo Booth


For all the information you need to join the maker community at Maker Faire Berlin, including how to get tickets in advance online, head to the website.