Arrow.com has prepared a trick-or-treat giveaway that’s sure to delight electronics enthusiasts this Halloween. No tricks here, each of the 100 bags that Arrow.com plans on giving away has over $100 dollars worth of electronics goodies. To name just a few of the items, each grab bag will include a Raspberry Pi 3, an Adafruit Trinket, a bristle bot kit, bread board, and so much more!

The Raspberry Pi 3 alone makes this a giveaway worth getting excited for. We’re big fans of this small, but powerful board. It’s great as a sensor hub and in headless mode can be perfect for an IoT project that needs some computing power. Even if you’re new to programming this is a great board to get started with because of how robust the Raspberry Pi community is — you’ll have no trouble finding tutorials and forums to get you started.

U.S. residents 18 years and older are eligible for the giveaway. To enter, go to their giveaway page and enter your name and contact information.