I’m a long time maker and while I have a woodworking bench for woodworking projects, my electronics projects often were carried out on my dining room table. When it came time to build a dedicated Maker Workbench I had a hard time finding something that was the right mix of form, function and pricing. I found a tiny two page snippet in the book “Practical Electronics for Inventors, 4th Edition” by Paul Scherz and Simon Monk and used that as the basis for the custom bench I built.


I wrote a blog post that covers how I modified that design to use currently available parts and supplies, includes a full list of supplies and an overview on how to build a custom made laminated work surface, wire the bench up and covers several other tweaks including LED lighting and dedicated USB wall outlets.

I know I had a hard time finding something to meet my needs and I bet others in the community would be interested in this topic. (I also have two follow up posts planned, on from when I added 2 LED monitors to the setup and working on a Feather controlled CNC controlled gaming keyboard tray.)