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Maker Faire Shenzhen Delayed Two Days Due to Typhoon Haima

Typhoon Haima has been careening closer and closer to mainland China for the past few days. Now, as it progresses closer and closer to the Guangdong Province, the Maker Faire Shenzhen team has had to make a very tough decision. They are postponing the entire Maker Faire for two days.

They have posted updates on their facebook page to help let people know the plans.


Delaying a Maker Faire the size of Shenzhen’s is not an easy decision to make. It will take many hours of hard work to dismantle all of the structures that could be damaged by wind, only to reassemble them once the storm dies. Luckily, the atmospheric conditions conducive to typhoon creation have passed, so Haima should be losing strength steadily from this point forward.

The Faire will now take place from Sunday, October 23rd to Monday, October 24th. If you are traveling and hoping to attend Maker Faire Shenzhen, keep your eyes on their Facebook page to make sure that you have the most up-to-date news.



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