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Weekend Watch: Learn How Things Work with Jen Foxbot

Jen Foxbot’s YouTube channel offers a range of informative videos on electronics and scientific principles. She offers the kind of essential knowledge that will help you not just make your projects work, but understand how and why they do. It’s a great channel for beginners looking to grow their base knowledge or educators looking for digestible videos to share with their students.

The Maker Quest series covers a wide variety of science and Maker topics. You’ll find videos on brushbots, Ohm’s law, motors, microcontrollers, temperature, pressure, and a lot more. I chose this particular video on Faraday cages, since it gives a good background on not just how they work but some of the more practical uses for a Faraday cage. These videos often include open ended questions with answers provided in the next video, which is a great way to get viewers thinking about what they’ve just watched.

In a relatively new series, “Exploring Electronics!”, Jen gives you the rundown on electronics. In the first episode, she covers batteries and how they work, while exploring a fun question: How many coin cell batteries would it take to replace the battery in your car. While she doesn’t actually replace a car battery to experiment, it’s a fun thought experiment to put the information she’s giving into the framework of a problem that could be solved with the knowledge you learn in this video.

Sprinkled throughout the channel are quick updates and sneak peeks of projects Jen is working on. I also wonder what this interactive chair is!


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