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Weekend Watch: Carving Clay with Sculpture Geek

Sometimes, you watch a video and you think: “I could do that!” Other times you watch and you feel the woeful inadequecy of your skills, tugging at the back of your mind. Unless you’re an incredibly gifted sculptor, this channel will make you frustrated with your clumsy stupid hands. I suggest you just sit back and enjoy the show, because the videos are truly mesmerizing.

The channel is called Sculpture Geek and it only has 13 videos. However, with only that many videos they have managed to gather quite a following, and they also post a little bit more content on the Sculpture Geek website.

Maybe a bit late for Halloween, but this could easily serve as inspiration for a Thanksgiving carving session.

Several of the videos are just timelapse recordings of twitch sessions. It is fun to watch the entire sculpt compressed down to a quick video.

Others are more in-depth videos with a bit more detail. I started watching this sculpt of Fox McCloud from Starfox and ended up hypnotized, watching the entire thing!

The sculpts are typically game related and fun, though with only 13 videos, there’s no telling what they’ll end up sculpting next!

The style varies a lot as well. As you can see from this sculpt of King Hippo from Punch Out, they don’t all look the same.

It appears as though there is a class being offered here as well. There are a couple teasers for it on the youtube channel. For $50 you could get several hours worth of instruction!

I don’t know the whole story here. There’s a pilot episode for a TV show that looks like it was supposed to air in March of 2014 or 2015. I found a page for it on SyFy, but no further information.


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