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Weekend Watch: Carefully Carving Coins

I was stumbling around youtube and found myself absolutely captivated by these finely engraved coins. This youtube channel belongs to Shaun Hughes, and he is an incredible artist. You can watch as he uses tiny tools, which look huge because we see them through a microscope, to carve tiny details on coins. It doesn’t sound particularly interesting, but watching is a whole different story.

Though some appear to be more of a classically inspired scrollwork, he also sneaks in pop culture, such as this delightful mashup of a storm troooper.

watching as he slowly turns the coin and carves out each delicate curl is almost therapeutic.

Homages to popular culture appear multiple times. At first glance I thought this was going to be Daft Punk!

There are tons more videos on his channel, go check it out and be sure to subscribe.

You may also find that you’re so inspired that you want to try things for yourself. Shaun has also included an occasional video on making tools for the trade


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