Weekend Watch: “Cripple Concepts” Shows How to Use a Workshop with a Physical Disability

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Weekend Watch: “Cripple Concepts” Shows How to Use a Workshop with a Physical Disability


There is no shortage of educational shop content on youtube. You can find people showing how to use any tool, in any number of ways. However, if you have a physical disability of any kind, you may find that those videos are simply not too helpful to you.  Josh Winkler with Cripple Concepts fills that role. Josh is a C5/6 quadriplegic,meaning his spinal cord is damaged at the 5/6 vertebra, extremely limiting the use of his limbs.  He shows exactly how he operates in the shop, in hopes to educate and inspire others.


Take for example something like a bandsaw. All you have to do is lift it, but the shape and positioning make this very difficult for someone of limited mobility. Josh shows how he has modified his to be able to operate it.

sometimes he does some good explaining of common tools that a quadriplegic may need, even outside the shop.

The shop is mostly metal working with some wood and plastics thrown in there as well. Each of the videos is very enlightening though. I strongly suggest you watch if you happen to know someone that is interested in shop work and also has a physical disability, if only just to better understand their struggles.

One thing that people often don’t think about is how fantastic CNC systems can be for people with limited muscle use. The ability to design something in the computer, and have the router, 3d printer, laser cutter, or 3d printer produce the fine details means that the deficiencies in fine control that the person is experiencing aren’t carried over to the final product. Sadly many people with physical disabilities are on extremely limited incomes and can’t afford things like that.


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