This week has been pretty exciting. We announced Maker Faire Chicago, which is going to be incredible. We partnered with C2E2, a huge comic and entertainment expo and the potential in this combination is blowing my mind.


Megabots put out an interesting collaboration this week. They were inspired by Simone Giertz’s chopping bot, so they added massive knives to the Megabot and invited her to come destroy some things. It may not be particularly practical or speedy, but it sure looks like fun!

Have you ever wondered how an induction heater works? The fact that you can get metal red hot without hitting it with a flame is pretty wild. Check this out.

Jonathan Jaglom, CEO of Makerbot has stepped down after 2 years. His role is being filled by Nadav Goshen. You can find all the details in this blog post at Makerbot.