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Valentines Day is tomorrow! Hand made valentine gifts are always more meaningful and better received than something store bought, so why not make something? Yes, you have less than 24 hours to do it, but that shouldn’t stop you.

Whenever I need something impressive in a rush, I look to origami and papercraft. I often have the materials on-and to do it and I can watch a youtube video or read a tutorial and have something in only a few minutes. Everyone loves getting a custom origami item, I promise.



These paper flowers are very nice looking and seem like they should take forever to make. They’re surprisingly simple though, and you don’t have to do any skilled cutting or folding to make them look nice.


I just thought this one was unique and really cute. I think it is the legs. There’s something about just plopping legs onto things that makes them fun.


This winged heart will impress pretty much anyone. I thought it looked incredible. Actually there’s a whole series of winged hearts by Henry Pham that you should probably check out.

Like this one…

and this one.


Of course, a functional project is always especially nice. Here’s an interesting origami box that is perfect for valentines!




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