Weekend Watch: “Stupid Robot Fighting League” Brings Silliness to Combat

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Weekend Watch: “Stupid Robot Fighting League” Brings Silliness to Combat


Prepare yourself, this Youtube channel is stupid. With a name like Stupid Robot Fighting League, you might expect it to be a little stupid. You may also find that it is hilarious and amusing as well.

The first thing that stands out is that these aren’t actually robots at all. They’re more like trash sculptures in the style of robots. At first glance you might roll your eyes and say to yourself “these guys are just bashing trash together, what’s the big deal?” . Then the laughter starts. Once they start laughing, the fun is contagious.  Watching their stupid robots fall apart as they bash at eachother and crack up is pretty amusing.

The only thing that would make this more fun is if I were actually the one doing the fighting! This looks like so much fun.

There’s a surprising amount of thought that has been put into this as well. Here you can see how they easily add and remove robots from the fighting rig.

they even share the process of how they made a few of the “robots”!



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