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Weekend Watch: Weekly Beasties With Sauerworks

Our friend Scott Sauer, who you might recall from his Maker Spotlight, has started a fun new channel. Each week he’s drawing or painting, or somehow creating a tiny monster. I find them delightful to watch so far.

Each week, he takes a few moments to create a beastie. They don’t have to be fancy, they don’t have to be his best work, they just have to exist.

So far, the channel only has a small handful of beasties coming to life. However, each week it grows little by little.

His style may tend to lean toward multiple eyeballs and silly bright colors, but there is some variation, such as this somewhat toned-down cat monster.


Not all of the beasties are tiny paintings on a post-it note. As you can see in this video, Scott explores different mediums a bit. I asked Scott what he had planned, and why he used post-its so often and he explained that he is actually working toward an art show right now that is featuring that specific format. In the future, his beasties will likely have a bit more variation.

Be sure to go check out the rest of the videos on his channel, and subscribe if you love beasties!


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