The first thing that drew me to this channel, simply called “A Guy Doing Stuff” was this gorgeous wooden canoe build.

This is a playlist, starting with a  montage taken from 8 months of hard work. The results are stunning and I personally couldn’t help but go through his channel and watch every single one of the 18 videos in the series. From building the rigs and setting up the basics to the beautiful inlays, this was a fun build to watch. I found it particularly amusing when he carried it up a ladder and put it through his window on the 2nd floor so he could work on it inside.

He also shows how to do some other wood working, like making paddles.

and building a table

Adam takes a break from woodworking to teach us how to train a dog to crawl. It was random, but a great lesson!


I’m a fan of breaking stuff purely for catharsis, but even I couldn’t help but bemoan this wanton voilence against another one of his canoes