When you pick up the remote control to your stereo, are you pleased with how it looks? Most of us don’t put much thought into it, because they’re typically so bland that they’re nearly invisible.

Michael Greensmith (@Bricabracwizard) wanted to take a different approach. “I wanted a remote control that’s so fun to use and would look good next to my music system driven by an iPhone, housed in a 1940s mantle clock, which it operates,” he says. “I just kept thinking of great sci-fi novels and comics I’d read as a kid.”

His remote, aka The Brick, certainly looks the part of some kind of retrofuturistic science fiction prop. The wooden case and typewriter keys give it the heft and feel of a piece of old equipment and the eerie blue glow emanating from within keeps you wondering just where in time it came from.

To make it work, the typewriter keys extend down to poke at the guts of a Yamaha stereo remote nestled inside. Low tech for sure, but functional! A simple LED is attached to the remote batteries for that blue acrylic light effect.