Making a Toolbox from a Single 2×4


Single-board woodworking projects can be a fun and satisfying challenge. It’s often interesting to constrain yourself in some way, like this, as doing so can lead to new ideas and approaches that you wouldn’t otherwise arrive at. In this project from Vintage Wood Workshop, Kyle Bollendorf decided to enter the annual Summer’s Woodworking 2×4 Challenge by building a toolbox for his young daughter, Laurel (with her help). He explains:

My little shop helper needed a new toolbox so we decided to try and make one out of a single 2×4. I wanted to keep her involved so I made sure she could mark out the pieces, hammer some nails, and screw in the hardware. This project was a blast for both of us and I want to thank Summer’s Woodworking for putting on this awesome challenge. Thanks for watching, please comment and let us know what you think! (my daughter, Laurel, would love to hear from you!)

When doing projects like this for kids, it’s really a good idea to get them involved in the build in some way, even if they’re very young. That way, they have a sense of investment, accomplishment, and ownership of the object. One can only imagine that Laurel will have this toolbox for a long time, maybe the rest of her life, and she will cherish it and the memories of making it alongside her dad.



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