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Upgrade a Simple Gas Stove Into a Powerful Wok Range

I am a big fan of Chinese Cuisine, especially stir-fries. Sadly, they can’t be cooked properly unless you’re using a round wok. Because of its shape and construction, it’s the only appropriate tool to stir fry. Problem is, using a round wok over a classic stove is not a satisfying experience. It’s not stable, does not heat from the center out, and, most importantly, it’s – just – not – hot enough.

This project is here to solve those three problems. As a base, I use a 12,000 BTU portable gas stove (made in Japan), which I use to cook on a daily basis. It uses butane gas canisters which are very cheap and widely available. I solved the stability problem by using a Wok Ring. It allows the use of a round wok over a flat stove. I made my own ring, but you can find cheap ones online very easily.

Then I concentrated the flames in the center, using an exhaust nozzle. Classic gas burners tend to spread the flames on the outside, which basically leaves the center colder. This will waste the heat when you are using a round wok. It kind of slides away. The nozzle is here to counter that. Finally, I solved the power-lacking problem by adding a second gas source.

At the end I got a Supercharged 22,200 BTU monster version of my portable gas stove! I can now stir-fry properly. Remember people, this project is fun and was made for entertainment only. Always think ahead and act responsibly.

Alexis Gabriel Ainouz

Alex is a YouTube Chef who loves his food, but he's also a former engineer, with the nasty habit of Making his own tools and contraptions whenever he needs to cook something very specific in his Paris Kitchen Studio. On his channel you'll find many tasty food content will it be recipes, flogs (food+vlog), tasting sessions and sciencey experiments.

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