The Maker Share website officially launched a couple of weeks ago. It is a neat hub for makers to share their projects, stories, and missions. So we now have a nice place to show and tell the world what we are making.

I’ve been waiting for the launch since the last Maker Faire Bay Area, where they showed the early beta of the site. I reside in Korea and thought this might be something we could use later as the platform that connects local and international makers. It would be used “later” because there are some language barriers. But I was pleasantly surprised to know there were number of Korean students already using the site.

From the projects’ information, I was able to identify that they are students at Suwon Hi-tech High School (a school for vocational education in industrial fields). It turns out that the students are in the Intel Innovation Lab program. It’s a program for middle and high schoolers to learn with hands-on experiences. There are many projects to come from this program.

It is really great to see that the platform was immediately adapted by students who live thousands of miles away from where Maker Share originated. The students are learning by making, which is a natural way of learning for everyone. So here’s to more projects to come from all over the world.