The Maker Spirit

Here’s an interesting look at how a mother’s maker spirit was reignited by the desire to be less consumer driven and make cloth diapers. – Caleb

Music Arcs Across the Stage

Our long time friends Arc Attack have been getting requests to put out cover videos for ages. They’ve come through with one of the most highly requested songs, Metallica’s “Ride The Lightning”…on real lightning! – Caleb

Pixel Makey

Silly Rabbit Crafts built Makey, our favorite little red robot mascot, out of awesome pixel art. Check it out!

Your Own Arcade on the Go

This 3D print can turn your Nintendo Switch into a miniature arcade cabinet. It doesn’t cost all that much to make and it will keep your Switch fully charged while you play. Plus the design looks really cute, and incorporates both Nintendo and Switch symbols and imagery. Craft your own and have a safe dock for your Switch at the office or on your desk. I’m considering it for my own Switch. The console’s flimsy kickstand just isn’t cutting it for me, and I’ve been looking for a better way to play the console when I’m not holding it as a handheld or playing it on my family room TV.