[youtube https://youtu.be/pISRjchfML0]

I watched in curious suspense, wondering what the heck “Mixed Media Girl” was up to as she poured color after color of acrylic paint into a colander that was positioned over a canvas (and a drip grate/tray).

Once satisfied with the amount of paint she saw spreading out onto the canvas, she lifted the colander, and I gasped. I had no idea that the results would be so interesting. From there, she simple angled the canvas in different directions to get the spread of paint she desired (and the entire canvas was covered).

The results are pretty impressive. With the color palette she chose, the canvas she creates in this video reminds me of Roger Dean’s work, the artist who did a lot of album covers for 70s prog rockers.

Mixed Media Girl has a number of other videos of her testing out various paint pour techniques.