After getting tickets to San Diego Comic Con (not easy to do), Josh Reese realized he needed a costume. Since his brother was cosplaying as Cloud from Final Fantasy VII, Reese decided to dress up as Zack Fair, a character from Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII. Both characters wield the massive five foot blade known as the Buster Sword, so both brothers decided to work together to create a pair of matching swords.

“We needed to use lightweight material, because of the size, and discovered polystyrene foam,” Reese said. “It’s normally used as building insulation, and can be found at hardware stores.” He added, “The swords were a big hit at Comic Con. People couldn’t believe how effortless it was to carry.”

If you’re interested in building your own Buster Sword, or checking out Reese and his brother’s Zack and Cloud cosplay, head on over to Reese’s Maker Share page.

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