With Labor Day approaching, want to grow the economic impact of your space? Want to help area employers find qualified candidates? Want to grow awareness of your space? Why not host job fairs regularly at your Makerspace? While it does take some time and coordination, the benefits far outway to cost of production.

Here are some ideas and best practices for running a job fair.

Learn how candidates can succeed at securing opportunities. Modify for your target industry segment.  Discover what jobs are in high demand in your area. Focus on attracting candidates that fill those needs

Pre event activities

  • Develop a core team of 3-5 volunteers to help pull this together.
  • When? Set a date
  • Where?  Your space preferable so you can show off your equipment but perhaps you may want to consider other options.
  • Create your own job fair flier. Sample Flier- https://www.newswire.com/news/upcoming-next-level-career-fair-20550129
  • Create your own Jobfair blog with tips and techniques, post registered employers For ideas-

How to approach your employers?   These industries have higher median salaried jobs and are rapidly growing in Advanced Manufacturing, Building & Construction, Health & Life Sciences, Information Technology & Business Services, and Transportation & Logistics.
Recommended to call employers, explain what your plans are and then schedule a visit, show them your floor plan and sign them up in person. You can also ask them on ways they recommend to get other employers there, perhaps secure sponsorship for your makersfaires, uncover equipment, tools or metals, plastics, electronics.  You may want to give them a 3 month FREE membership to participate and promote your events.
Host workshops for employers and offer some for candidates in the weeks leading up the Next Fair.

Circulate fliers profusely online. Make sure to call and send to your media outlets TV, Radio, Newspapers, civic groups, area churches, area tech/hobby clubs, city, county state government agencies, area workforce board, Human resource associations, area chambers of commerce, sports teams, community colleges, universities, CTE instructors.

Mobile Support from Department of Commerce

Some states have mobile job prep vehicles. This on site job prep allowed candidates to get last minute advice on how to interview, touch up their resume or even create a new one on the spot.




  • Set up a floor plan and assign employers spaces throughout your space. Tip- assign big name employers as anchors in key areas of your space that will attract candidates to visit the entire space and not just target the employers they have heard before while ignoring other viable options.
  • Set up a master resume  box to circulate with employers after the event ( you can charge employers  who did not attend access)
  • Registration signup and registration for your space newsletter:
  • Pass out your fliers and post up your wish list of equipment donations, sponsorship info, membership info, future courses, prominently so those waiting in line can learn of your offerings.
  • Host Media interviews, give updates on social media, ask radio stations to broadcast updates: Perhaps even host a podcast during the event to showcase employers and candidates interests and needs.
  • Keep event free flowing and fun! Try to relieve the stress of the candidates, play some inspirational music occasionally. Try to be respectful to all kinds of attendees and if you have a dress code- please enforce it diplomatically.
  • How to control a crowd- this is a problem that you want- ask employers to go visit candidates before event starts and do some pre interviews if you get a long line.

What do you post event? You may want to:

  • After you get some much needed rest- Host a debrief with your volunteers on lessons learned. Call employers and get feedback from them. Call some of the candidates and get feedback-
  • Send out personal thank you to all of the employers, media outlets,  and other supporters to who promoted your job fair.
  • Create a press release and share some of the results, include pictures, video if possible. Also think of groups that you overlooked this time.
  • Take that information and set up another date to host your next one- Once a quarter you can get a steady drumbeat and not wear out your volunteers but keep your space in the spotlight.
  • Also ask employers to let you know if they made any hires from your event. Jobs filled at your job fair can be used as economic impact for your space to use in future grant applications.
  • Create a job board for of the openings you uncovered during this event so that future guests and members can find opportunities.
  • Spotlight area employers needs in future newsletters

Too hot for a job fair? Nonsense!

Gatorade provided the MPACT JobFair with 56 cases of product to make sure all candidates had a cool experience. As refreshing as these wonderful drinks are on a hot day, having over 600 jobs to fill from close to 50 employers, was even more refreshing.

If you want help contact Joel Leonard