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Experimenting with Smart Infill for Stronger 3D Prints

There seem to be a never ending supply of inventive ways that home experimenters are forwarding 3d printing.  Stefan from CNC Kitchen on Youtube is showing off some really cool experimentation in this video that take advantage of easy to use physical simulation software to create infills for your 3d printed parts that are much more intelligently designed.

He starts with a simple shape and runs a few simulations that allow him to identify where the structure really needs to be beefed up. Then, he’s exporting this specific area and using it in combination with the original mesh to create a hybrid of sorts, where there are sections that have a more dense structure than others. His tests show that the benefits of this area easily measurable too, which is fantastic.

Right now, the process takes several steps and might be a bit too complicated for many people to want to mess with, but this is the kind of thing that I suspect we’ll be seeing as a quick plug-in for software like Autoddesks Fusion360 in the future.


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