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Clever Crafter Constructs Canine Caressing Contraption


Cogs and gears are fascinating bits to play with as a maker. So many of us explore and tinker with the mesmerizing movement of these simple machines. Matt Thompson of Thompson Woodworking was exploring just how easy these things were to create when his canine companion Bonnie came up and let him know that his efforts would be better spent, in her opinion, petting her. This was the moment that Mike conceived the ultimate dog petting apparatus.

A long time woodworker and even longer time fan of rube goldberg-esque contraptions, Matt knew he was on to something fun. It took a few weeks of cutting cogs using a band saw and exploring different visual layouts, but he managed to make a fully functional dog petting machine in the end.

Achieving the right speed was the most difficult part of the build.  I was intent on using an old corded drill that I had laying around and didn’t want to spend money on a high torque, low rpm motor.  Ultimately I was able to achieve the right speed with different sized cogs and a hose clamp on the trigger of the drill which I slowly tightened until I got it right.

Matt is no stranger to getting internet attention for his builds. He got some noteriety and even some TV coverage with a previous construction, The Michigan Beer Chair.

Even though he gets asked to sell items frequently, he doesn’t want to explore that path. He says making the same thing twice just isn’t very much fun. He does use his skills for a good cause though.

I just make stuff for fun but also raffle many items for the charities my wife and I are involved with.

You can keep up to date with the latest interesting projects that Matt is working on by following him on Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube.



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