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Cool Crowdfunding: Touch Sensing, Motion Control, And Tiny Sensors

We receive so many pitches for crowdfunding projects. They pour into our inbox daily. Since crowdfunding is a bit of a gamble, it is always kind of hard to determine just how to write about these projects, considering that many of them may not ever deliver. Cool Crowdfunding is our way of sharing some of the ones that catch our eye. 

Remember, some of the crowdfunding projects from our previous Cool Crowdfunding collections may still be active! Go back and check them out to see if there’s anything you shouldn’t miss.

Trill Touch sensing

Easily add touch sensing interfaces to your projects. There are 3 different variations to choose from to allow you to add touch to your projects in a huge number of ways.

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Smoothieboard V2

If you’re thinking of designing something like a 3d printer, the smoothieboard is the central management system that can control it. That means it is the brains AND the motor controllers, and this version comes with a whole list of new improvements and upgrades.

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Itty bitty teeny tiny boards that work with the TinyCircuits platform. They were already small, but now you can add super tiny sensors and actuators.

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