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Check Out These Fascinating Videos Of Hand Carving Wood

It seems that the well of mesmerizing hand skills is infinitely deep. There’s always a new one to discover and consequently lose hours to, obsessing over how fascinating it is.

In this case, we meet Tatiana Baldina who is incredibly skilled at carving wood.


The process can appear deceptively simple. A few geometric shapes are sketched onto the surface. Then she proceeds to simply push a knife through the soft wood at various angles. Easy, right? She certainly makes it seem so, but what she’s doing takes an incredible amount of skill and practice.

She has been posting videos on her youtube channel for quite some time, and while you’d expect the repetitive process to eventually get old, I’ve found that I could watch these forever!

While her videos are fantastic, she posts much more frequently on instagram, so be sure to check that out as well.


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