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Printing On Nearly Anything With A Roland Flatbed UV Printer

I recently got an opportunity to check out a really cool piece of machinery: the Roland VersaUV Lef 12i. They sent a loaner unit that I got to experiment with and test out for a few weeks.

There are two main reasons you’d want to use a printer like this:

First, using UV cured ink means it can print on nearly anything. I printed on metal, wood, paper, vinyl, and cloth. You can see on the golf ball in the video, it can print pretty far away from the head too, so you’re not limited to perfectly flat things.

Second, this thing prints texture! It uses a clear ink that it can lay down in layers to build up depth. You can see a pretty good example of that in the gears on the logo I printed on my laptop for Make!

put simply, watch the video to see this awesome printer in action.


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