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Meet Sam, Matt, Eda and others from Something Labs, a ​distributed volunteer coalition ​based in the Bay Area ​​​that protects frontline medical workers by quickly innovating and bridging gaps between supply chains and medical systems. ​Their motto is: “​After all, we all have to do something.​”  They are working to produce face shields, intubation enclosures, ventilator components, impermeable gowns and Powered Air-Purifying Respirator units (PAPRs). They are not just doing something — they’re doing it all!



  • Eda Altiok, Operations
  • Lily Muldoon, Medical
  • Yuki Tanimoto, Distribution
  • Angela Chu, Engineering
  • Peter Taylor, Engineering
  • Brian Shire, Fabrication
  • Sam Haynor, Cheerleader