Learning is best done with people, not for them. It is most effective when learners are participants rather than recipients. The central element in promoting learning, therefore, is promoting relationships—teacher-pupil relationships; peer-to-peer relationships; and children’s relationships with siblings, mentors, and role models. All the traditional and high-tech resources of education—from whiteboards to the Internet and even to classrooms themselves—are best understood as different kinds of interfaces for relationships that support learning.

— Bianca Forrester, Director of Oakland Charter High School, drawing on the work of Peter Senge.

In our community, makers have found that sharing a project is valuable as a way to get feedback and find others who might become collaborators. That’s a big reason why makers exhibit at Maker Faire. Now we have a new way for makers to share their projects. Last spring, we launched MakeProjects.com in partnership with Engineering.com.

Join our new Director of Learning, Nancy Otero, along with Dale Dougherty and Gillian Mutti to discuss the Make:Projects platform and learn about its potential as a tool for students and educators. Register now!

Tuesday, September 22nd 1pm PDT

Tuesday, September 22nd 4pm EDT

Make: Projects is a place for creating and sharing projects. It is more than a place to publish completed projects. It is a place to start your project, build a team to work on it and iterate over its design and fabrication. You can easily upload photos and design files as well as videos. You can document an entire project lifecycle. Since launching the platform, we see increasing interest from maker educators at the high school and college level who are having their students develop projects for class. They see Make: Projects as a collaboration platform where students can document their work and share it with others. It is ideal for project-based learning and for students doing capstone projects.