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Hackaday Prize 2021 Envisions The Ideal Future After The Pandemic

The Hackaday Prize is back for their annual contest of innovation and creativity. The theme for this year, as you’d expect, is greatly influenced by the pandemic, and the hopeful view of post pandemic activities that will be in our near future.

The entrants to this year’s contest are battling it out for a $25,000 grand prize. Second through fourth place get sizeable sums and fifty runners up will get $500 prizes as well.

There will be five main categories that you can participate in:

  •  clever display tech
  • work-from-home inventions
  • supportive tech (like assistive tech but for everyone)
  • robots (including self care and personal automation)
  • wildcard

To find more details and enter into the contest, go to their contest page.


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