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Check Out This Gorgeous Homage To Dune: The Hunter Seeker

Dune is, of course, all the rage right now. There’s a new movie that has just released and this has many people looking back at not only the books, but of course the Dune film from 1984.

While the 1984 Dune may have been criticized for some of the creative choices with the story and the non-stop inner monologue, many agree it was a visually stunning masterpiece.

When Daniel Lupien wanted to recreate something from this movie, he was drawn to the “Hunter Seeker”, a small device that flew through the air, remotely operated by an assassin, that delivers a hypodermic injection of poison.

Daniel went the extra mile with this build and decided to create it out metal. Most of the work was done on the lathe, and the results are frankly stunning. I can only imagine how good this thing feels in your hand, an area where typical 3d printed or foam props fall short.


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