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Toxicity On Youtube: Your Favorite Creators Talk About Comments

The issue of toxicity on youtube has been around for quite a while. It is a struggle that anyone who creates video deals with. You may get some positive feedback but there are also scores of people who will go out of their way to type out a response to trash your work, or even you as an individual.

This takes a toll on your creativity and even effects your life outside of making videos.

William Osman put together this video to discuss toxicity in the comments, and he invited some friends to share their opinions and experiences as well.

The video starts off with Osman talking about his experiences as his channel has evolved. About half way through, he switches and talks to several people you may recognize, such as Simone Giertz and Allen Pan.

There seems to be a universal thread among these creators. While there are positive comments that may greatly outnumber the negative ones, the negativity has more of a psychological weight.


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