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You Need This 1980’s Amazon Dot

Ok, you got us, this wasn’t an amazon dot from the 1980’s. Rather, it’s a Panasonic answering machine from the 80’s, with an Amazon Dot embedded in it.

Make:Projects user Ehansmakes shows us how they modified the body of this answering machine and made a custom 3d printed bracket to ensure everything fit together nice and snug.

This isn’t necessarily a guide for you to exactly recreate their machine, but rather to learn the process:

I do not expect you to seek out the specific Panasonic answering machine shown in this guide, but to apply this guide to your chosen enclosure. Nevertheless, I still included a Thingiverse link to my .stl files in case you would like to 3D print the parts used in this project.

We think the results look stunning, and can’t wait to see what’s next on Ehansmakes workbench!

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