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How To 3D Print a Mold To Cast Your Own R/C Tires At Home

NickCNC recently put together this short but super informational series outlining how exactly he produces his own tires at home for his R/C creations.

You may be thinking “why doesn’t he just print with TPU?”. Well, in this reddit thread he, and others, point out that TPU may be a flexible material when it comes to filaments, but for tires it is actually much too rigid and stiff. This leads to poor grip. You can find resins that have quite soft final results though, so making a mold with your 3d printer is a great solution.

Nick goes through his whole process, explaining how and why he designs things certain ways. There are plenty of tips and tricks spread throughout, so give it a watch even if you area already familiar with molding and casting.

His final results just as good as something you’d buy from the store, if not better since they’re a custom fit and profile.

And finally, just in case you’re curious to see these in action, here you go!


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